Shionogi’s COVID pill under development effective against Omicron

Dec 21 , 2021. 11 hours ago – 23:19 KYODO NEWS

File photo shows Shionogi & Co.’s oral COVID-19 drug tablets under development. (Photo courtesy of Shionogi & Co.)(Kyodo)

OSAKA – Japanese pharmaceutical firm Shionogi & Co. said Monday it has confirmed the efficacy against the Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus of its oral COVID-19 drug currently in development.

Shionogi has obtained Omicron strains from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and confirmed that its orally administered pill is effective against them, the company said. The drugmaker has already confirmed its efficacy against the Alpha and Delta variants of the virus.

The Osaka-based company is expected to apply for approval by the health ministry of the new drug in the near future, as it aims to supply it for 1 million people in Japan.