China to provide 10 million vaccine doses under global framework

Feb 04 , 2021. 13 hours ago – 20:50 KYODO NEWS

BEIJING – China said Wednesday that it has decided to provide 10 million doses of novel coronavirus vaccines to emerging nations under an international framework designed to guarantee equitable global access to them.

The announcement by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin came as one of the world’s major powers is believed to be trying to boost its global clout through “vaccine diplomacy.”

China “will promote fair distribution of vaccines” and “advance international cooperation in the fight against the pandemic,” Wang told reporters, adding that it will work closely with the World Health Organization.

The COVAX Facility channels funds provided by middle- to high-income countries involved in the program toward a number of pharmaceutical companies that are working to develop vaccines, which will also be supplied to low-income nations.

Late last year, China approved its first home-developed coronavirus vaccine and its citizens have already begun receiving it, although fears linger about its safety and efficacy.

Since the increase in new infections with the virus apparently peaked in late February 2020, China has been aiming to deepen relations with many other countries including Southeast Asian nations by promising to deliver vaccines.

At home, meanwhile, China has cracked down on a crime ring making “fake vaccines.”

China has carried out “special operations to combat and prevent vaccine-related crimes,” Wang said Tuesday, adding it “has notified relevant countries of the situation.”